On a mild summer evening in Colorado, there was a pot of chicken noodle soup.  

This soup, though extraordinarily delicious, would have no known bearing on the evening in question.  Yet this singular dish branded an empire.  

Six friends, perhaps rejuvenated by so much salt and protein, mused over how the film industry would change if permeated by Fievel. What secrets hid behind that innocuous face, and was he short-changed in his potential? Fievel had only two theatrical releases and a handful of unmentionable knockoffs.  As 90’s children and keepers of so many a sacred VHS, we knew well the genius of Don Bluth. Thus struck a new Fievel, who could sweep the world and transform Hollywood.  

The pot emptied, our minds filled. “It’s Always Sunny in Fieveldelphia!” cried one friend. “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Fievel!” said another. There were dozens of ideas amongst side-splitting laughter. In the coming weeks, the Photoshop-savvy made posters, ranging from the hysterical to disturbing. The domain of Fievel expanded, masking Oscar winners and reinventing the arts.

Today his empire grows: The Reign of Fievel.